Comprehensive Canine Conditioning

Providing Veterinary Rehabilitation and Acupuncture in the comfort of home.

Unique Ways CCC Can Help

Rehabilitation Evaluations and Therapeutic Exercise Sessions


During the Rehabilitation Evaluation performed in your home, Dr. Nicole will assess your dog's mobility and work with you to design a rehabilitation plan for your pet. Follow-up Therapeutic Exercise Sessions are when the fun really begins! Using lots of treats and praise, Dr. Nicole guides your dog through exercises designed to promote normal walking patterns, strengthen muscles and improve balance and coordination.

Acupuncture for Mobility Disorders


Often patients with neurological or orthopedic problems can benefit from acupuncture therapy. Very small needles are placed in specific points (acupoints) on the dog's body. Occasionally electrical stimulation is added to enhance or lengthen the effect of the treatment. 

Individualized Home Exercise Plans


After the initial Rehabilitation Evaluation and Therapeutic Exercise Sessions, a home exercise plan will be designed for you and your dog. You will be provided with instructions ranging from how to perform therapeutic exercises with your pet to how far and how often to take your dog on walks.

LASER Therapy


LASER Therapy utilizes low-level light to decrease pain and inflammation. Most dogs find this treatment very relaxing!

Joint Passive Range of Motion and Stretching


Who doesn't love a good stretch after a challenging work-out? These therapies are often performed after exercise sessions to increase flexibility and improve/maintain joint range of motion. 

Weight Management Counseling


Helping dogs lose weight can be challenging. Working with you, your dog's current diet is assessed and a nutritional plan is then recommended to best fit your pet's needs.

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