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What can I expect during a typical session? 

We first schedule an evaluation.  During this initial evaluation, we will discuss your dog’s current problem and our long-term goals for your pet.  Your dog’s movements including walking, sitting and standing are assessed.  Joint range of motion and muscle girth are measured, and your dog is examined for any areas of pain.  We will also perform a few beginner exercises to prepare your dog for future exercise sessions and determine an appropriate home exercises plan.  

Typically, follow-up sessions start with therapeutic exercises and end with joint range of motion and stretching.  Depending on your dog’s needs, other treatments such as LASER therapy or Acupuncture may be recommended.  

How long will my dog need rehabilitation therapy? 

The length of rehabilitation treatment varies depending on the mobility of your dog.  Pets recovering from orthopedic surgery may need rehabilitation therapy for a finite period while older dogs suffering from arthritis or degenerative conditions can benefit from continuing treatment.  It's typical to begin with four weekly sessions.  By the third session most dogs are acclimated to the exercises and more focused during therapy.  At the end of the four weeks, we reevaluate your dog’s response to treatment and formulate a future plan.   

What if I can’t commit to 4 weeks of treatment? 

The number of treatments and spacing of sessions is tailored to each individual’s needs and schedule.  

How long does a session last? 

Generally, the initial evaluation lasts 45 to 60 minutes.  Follow-up exercise sessions or acupuncture treatments range from 30 to 45 minutes.  If your dog has a complicated problem, however, more time may be needed per session.  

Will rehabilitation and/or acupuncture therapy be painful for my dog? 

The exercise sessions are designed for each pet to be as fun and pain-free as possible.  If your dog is overly tired or sore following a session, we adjust the exercises to meet his or her needs.   

Acupuncture therapy utilizes very small needles. The number of acupoints treated are determined based on your dog's therapeutic goals and comfort level during the treatment.​  

Will the home exercises prescribed for my dog be time consuming? 

Just like the exercise sessions, the home exercises prescribed are tailored to you and your dog’s abilities and time constraints.   

I don’t want my dog to undergo testing or surgery.  Can rehabilitation be used instead? 

Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapy is most effective when we know the underlying condition restricting your dog’s mobility. Additional testing like x-rays and bloodwork may be recommended prior to initiation rehabilitation therapy to allow for a more focused rehabilitation plan and better defined expectations.  If you are unsure about your options, it’s a good idea to schedule both surgical or neurological (if appropriate) and rehabilitation evaluations so you can make the best and most informed decision regarding your pet’s care.  It is also important to include your family veterinarian in your dog’s treatment plan.  

Can you refill medications and give vaccinations during the visits? 

Comprehensive Canine Conditioning is a practice limited to rehabilitation therapy and acupuncture.  

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