Comprehensive Canine Conditioning

Providing Veterinary Rehabilitation and Acupuncture in the comfort of home.


About Us

Compassionate Care


Comprehensive Canine Conditioning, CCC, is a dedicated house-call veterinary rehabilitation and acupuncture practice.  From supporting dogs recovering after surgery or a neurologic condition to maintaining mobility in senior pets, rehabilitation therapy can be beneficial for many dogs.  In-home visits allow your dog to avoid a car ride, and give you the opportunity to point out areas in your home that may be difficult for your dog to navigate.

Meet Dr. Nicole


Dr. Nicole is a Jacksonville native. She received her DVM from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. After ten years in family veterinary practice, Nicole realized there was a need for veterinary rehabilitation in our area. She founded Comprehensive Canine Conditioning and has been providing house-call rehabilitation therapy since 2012. 

A Personal Approach


We will work in the area of your home most comfortable for your dog. Using treats and praise, the goal is to make sessions fun and relaxed for your dog. After each visit you will receive an emailed report including your pet's treatment and detailed home exercise instructions.

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